The Walloping Window Blind

A capital ship for an ocean trip
Was the Walloping Window Blind.
No gale that blew dismayed her crew
Or troubled the captain's mind.

by Charles Edward Carryl Click to read full poem

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The purpose is fun. What's wrong with that?
Not the same version as I read in the 1960's from Favourite Poems to Read Aloud, but certainly a pleasant memory to run across it again.
I found this poem in some papers from my grammar school days.
I remember it from grade school days, in the 1930s. I used to sing my children to sleep with it.
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.....okay so this is the third posting of the same poem, and each with a different title... why? 'The Walloping Window Blind' 'A Capital Ship' ' A Nautical Ballad'
I remember this poem from school when I was about 7 or 8 years old in 1938. It was a favorite of mine but it was set to music and we sang. I always thought it was a song. I still remember the words and tune and we sang gunnery bread instead of gummery bread.
A fun children's poem, I'm sure. I will try it on my grandchildren and see how they like it.
Oh! I am so charmed by this poem. The man is a delight - and I suspect a favorite at a child's bedtime.
Sailing, just sailing, were they? Or is there something else, The poet is trying to tell That I didn't get?
Superb poem with nice imagery.
A seaward journey of a bunch of assorted sea crew captured well.. forced ashore on a sandy ledge for a brief period and then off they go on another sea adventure...
Nautical pride. Thanks for sharing.
Amusing and entertaining stuff throwing light on human psychology and behavior displayed by the Captain of the ship and it's crew. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
What is the purpose?