Glass Ball

Swirling, swirling, swirling
Way above my head.
This world swirls
Round and round and round
So I cannot stand
Cannot breathe
Am completely overwhelmed by
The clutter of a hundred, thousand, million
Voices that scream the
Same, damned mantra
“You have a responsibility to be
Who you were not created to be.”
I look around
Only to see
Expectations I can never reach
Rules I can never grasp,
Never follow.
In this world
I live in,
I am a stranger.
Locked in a glass ball in which
I can but
Bang my arms on the wall and scream
While onlookers stare as they laugh at
The Beast
The Freak
They have managed to
Shut in.
In these moments
I shut my eyes and wish
I could cease to exist.

by Cain XXX

Comments (3)

Derek Freeman life too short
If you can't swim because the sea is boiling hot...walk...can't, can't! (When pigs have wings) .
Beautiful crafting of the words!