CR (March 9 1987 / Denver)

My Car Accident

Driving on a cold winter night,
drove with tears drowning my sight.
Didnt know where to turn
Drove into a ditch and felt a burn.

Lights blinding me in my eyes,
You could see the fears i tried to disguise.
I never thought i would make it out alive,
but God was there to help me strive.

So many thoughts going through my brain
I loved you once, but not again.
If i didnt get out of the car soon
I wouldnt live to see the shiny moon.

I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, in a coma for one of those weeks.
You never would have none, because you didnt ask,
While you forgot my name,
I forgot how much i cared about you.

But while in the hospital, i was thinking about dying,
I was thinking about you, and how you forgot everything you shared,
i got in a real car accident, but in the end, the only accident i got in, was letting you in to my heart and life.

by millie st.claire

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Comments (2)

Yes, I think the final line's change of point of view is successful! And there are quite a few memorable phrases and images in the poem...conversation full of 'whatnots' (one of my own pet peeves) , 'dancing partnerless in this studio'... Are your paintings online for viewing, anywhere?
wow- excellent final line