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The Waltz Across Forever
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

The Waltz Across Forever

Poem By connie crane

“May I have this dance? ” God said to me.
“Pardon, my Lord? ” says I,
“Did you speak of dancing with me? ”
“The Lord of the Dance, ” says He,
“That’s Me.”

“Of course, ” I say,
“ I ‘m so very honored,
To be asked by you.”
“ I am afraid though,
My Lord, I have forgotten,
My dancing shoes! ”

“Barefoot is good, ” says He,
When you dance with God.”
And off we go,
Across the starry floor.
Dancers we are,
Twirling and laughing.
Abundantly love,
Abundantly happy.

As I hold God’s hand,
Each moment I savor.
Then gradually I realize,
The Lord of the Dance is not,
Doing me a favor.
He has invited me to waltz,
This waltz with Him,

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