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The Wanderer
Bernhard Severin Ingemann (1789-1862 / Denmark)

The Wanderer

ALL the sky was dull and drear,
But what cared I!
For my sky shone bright and clear
In Eliza's eye.

Not a star was to be seen,
Yet I felt no fear;
For like stars of brightest sheen
Shone those eyes so dear.

All the way was rough and dark;
Unheeding wind, or weather,
O'er the roughest path we trudge,
Joyfully together.

Then the sky again was fair,
But what cared I!
For I saw no longer there
My Eliza's eye.

Friendly shone the stars above,
But joyless was their light;
For in them I could not see
Her sweet eyes so bright.

Would the sky were dark once more!
And no star appear!
But give the wanderer back again
His companion dear.

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