The War

They say a war can change a man,
that war changes our way of life.
That war can bring only despair,
bring poverty pain and strife.

We sit and play the blame game,
for the worlds short comings.
We can sit with our blinders on,
that blind us of the true surroundings.

We believe our lives are over.
We believe the good times will never surface.
We believe that confrontation will fix the wrongs.
What we believe takes us from loves embrace.

My dad saw the truth in the ways of the world.
He lost so much more than a house and his life.
He lost years of growth with us that can never be restored.
He was a man of valor, courage, he was a walking swiss army knife.

In the little time I had with him I grew more than I knew.
So don’t spend time asking what the world can do for you.
Blaming is the easy way out.
Anyone can do it but my father was a man and taught me,
What life was all about.

by Elliott Gilbert

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