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The War

The War

Poem By Just Another Poet Girl

They roared as they fled over the field
Feeling no mercy as they killed
Their rival's hope dropp to the floor
Screams, tears and cries galore
A pool of blood starts to spread
Their bones were easy to break like bread
They finished in the fields, now to the villages
They trapped farm animals in cages
Children cries and runs to their mothers
They burned farms with laughter
Horses tramples all over the place
Fears and terrors appears on the peasant's face
A bright light shines upon them
Knights came that the king has sent
Their rival's hope has begin to rise
warrior Angel Cries:
For we shall win this horrid war
They fought leaving them scars
They flee and left the country
They felt ashamed that they had lost
Warrior Angel cheers for joys
Peace regained back to their country
Children and Adults became bouncy
Everyone is happy
And so is the Warrior Angel
She smiles, her work was done
She disappeared, forever gone

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haha... nice comment at the bottom... yeah some parts are kinda wierd: p but the content is good... nd theres a deep message in it... nice!