ENR ( / New York, NY)

The War

The war has ended
But will peace be ever in the world?
My eyes have seen tremendous destruction,
Ruins are in my heart, in millions of hearts.
Burning cities - cities that are dead
Buried in debris - those cities could talk...
They talked the language of horror,
Unknown to the jubilant crowds
Celebrating peace.
Songs of victory cruelly resound in the hearts
That had no more capacity to feel,
Not even to cry.
Loud and strong are the songs of the victorious,
There are no songs for the defeated.
All seems too cruel for those grieving hearts and minds.
Leaders of nations love war,
Total destruction of the enemy,
Humanity thereby ceases to be human.
Again we could be hearing
The terror of bombs
And, after, the songs of victory.
I don't believe in peace anymore.

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