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The War Hero
LS (Agust 1 1994 / London)

The War Hero

Poem By lizzy Sydney

A young man when he went away
only 18 on his last birthday
his mother begged and asked him to stay
but he said dutifully 'to my country my soul I must pay

So he packed up his clothes and said goodby
As he left he slowed his pace and said 'I love you please don't cry'
and with that he marched out the door
to pick up his uniform to be ready by four

That very day he was shipped away
he fell asleep thinking of light hearted things and play
the next week he awoke every morn
to the sound of gunfire it so unnatural and fourn

One day while emersed in a battle
he saw a bullet headed straight for Mr.Tattle
so with on swift moovement he jumped in front
with no last words to say but a grunt

Then as Mr.Tattle looked down
he realised as he looked and began to cry and froun
that he is alive today because someone gave his life to him
and so they brang the soldier back home and laid him to rest with a hedstone bearing 'A brave hero Jim'

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