The War In Iraq

The war in Iraq is currently a bore.
People are dying, lying on the floor.
We have tanks and guns and sad mothers and sons.
Bullets and rockets create empty pockets.
Where will it end. Are we round the bend? .
Terror and strife are rife.
When will we ever learn?
My conclusion is never.
Humans like to take life.
It's a power I guess to make a disturbed mind rest.
Why else would we act this way? .
I can't possibly say.

by Barry Watson

Comments (2)

i gave u a 10. i liked ur poem. it was really good and yeah
It's good to see a war protest poem here. I'm with you: human being just seem to like to go to war and kill (or at least have other people do the killing) . Maybe (though I doubt it) the US and Britain will be a little less hasty in the future to jump on the war wagon, considering all the cost of lives and money. History has shown that country that over-militarize themselves end up broke and in decline. Good luck with your poetry.