The War Of Independence!

Woman! How tall and strong you walk;
A far cry from the images once trod
Of wishy-washy girls
Their hair done up in curls
And fainting at a teeny dropp of blood.

Woman! Reaching out to speak.
Of secrets you've withheld for far too long.
A startling evolution
Not to mention revolution
Against a world … not knowing you'd a tongue.

Woman! Standing at the door.
A power-force behind your gentle smile.
Brave communication
Spilling into every nation
The gals are here and doin' it with style.

Women! Triumphant everywhere.
More equal now than equal's meant to be.
Confident, serene
And happy to be seen
With their 'lion' there beside them.... willingly?

Woman! Taking pains to dress.
To look the part expected of your sex.
From frocks so frilly-willy
To shoes so plainly silly
Just to please a man who could end up your ex!

by Margaret Kollmer

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