The Ward

Poem By William Hill

The Ward (1 hour)

The mad genius finds himself in time
A world full of both rhythm and rhyme.
Tic Tock of the clock makes one go mad
The manic mind is happy not sad.

Dancing with Doctor Gray all day long
My life so far has become some song.
Why does the caged bird sing? Ponder that.
To think, rain comes down, pitter pat.

The sun shines, the birds sing, a new day.
Finding a new way, makes life okay,
Allows me to stay sane, and find myself
I'm just another book on the shelf.

Good conversations help time go by,
Tell the truth always, no need to lie.
We feel, we connect, both bold and true
I see you in me and me in you.

Mindful practice day in and day out,
Do away with all worries and doubt.
Always find yourself here in the now
Know yourself truly, this shows you how.

Someday soon you will be going home,
And you'll feel enlightened in your dome.
You will now see your reality,
And that you always have held the key.

So unlock the door, see what's in store
You will feel this deeply in your core.
Remember this is life, don't get bored,
You too may find yourself in a ward.

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