Her smile was contagious./
But there was a secret behind it/
This delicate angel was hurt./
With a sad curse that has us all on the line./
We will never see it coming./
But I think she did./
The last thing that was ever peaceful on this wretched Earth./
Her cancer did not stop her./
She continued to live like she was cured./
Even though on the inside she was damaged./
With infuriated pain./
Of something she would have called a blessing./
A blessing because another person was saved instead of her./
Tears overwelmed our faces./
Facing the truth told./
Looking back what can we think of it? /
What have we learned? /
God blessed her with 13 more years of life./
13 years of deatth walking with her./
To raise childern, and grandchildern./
But her 13 years were up./
4 years ago.../
Now this Earth isn't so peaceful./
Like an angel without her wings, has left us all./
But now she's in her place./
And now she has found her wings./
The pink ribbon will show her struggle./
Her legend that took heart./
That took soul./
The race that will state her legend./
And I'll spread her message./
Of the only person i could ever talk to./
Of the first person i ever looked up to./
Of the person i still cry over./
I miss you Shirley Plager./
You were my angel on Earth./

by unknow unknown

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