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The Warmth

As I leave behind the land, I see
In the halo of a distant dream,
Arrested in the cocoon of time,
Blurred by the tear in my eyes,
My comrades of old.

There was always a shoulder,
To thwart every boulder,
That came along our way,
In the course of my see-saw sojourn
In the far away land.

I reach out to clasp the warmth,
Of the radiant glow of camaraderie,
To warm my heart when the tide is low,
And I realize, that, that warmth,
Can never fail me.

I will drift on,
Perhaps to another land,
Who will be there to enslave me this way?
I crave to be back in ‘captivity',
That of unflinching and unfailing camaraderie.

by Siddharth Nair

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Thanks Loke
friends chosen well will forever in the heart dwell thanks for sharing