The Warrior

This warrior was very bold,
but his story, is still untold.
He now lies in the bottom of a grave,
to his lord he was the slave.

He had a very rugged life,
never got to know his wife.
For all his hard work, his yield,
a knife, a sword and a shield.

The scars and cuts,
the blood and guts.
Was not enough,
His life it took.

Now he was dead,
at a very young age.
So his story stops,
not another page.

At the side of his grave,
his young wife looks down.
Wonders what it was all for?
Some glory and a shinny crown.

The young lady walks away,
showing her dislike and dismay.
Hoping it will all end, this sorrow,
maybe not today but tomorrow.

by David Darbyshire

Comments (4)

Nice poem write about such a wide range of are truly amazing! Hugs, Dee
nice...dave...well written but i miss the rolex watches! ! ! !
Very good; very true.
Blimey Dave, you're really branching out. This is wonderful (but not for the wife ofcourse) . Love, Fran the Fan xx