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The Warrior
RG (20/09/1991 / London (Edmonton))

The Warrior

Poem By Renos Georgiou

Ants scurrying for midnight mischief
Clutch weapons in palms through the night
A father stands
his young son in hand
the other holds a white horse tense to fight

A spear of green
with a sharp blades sheen
is seen reflecting from the stars
As the war machine,
marches deftly between
screaming homes glare set alight

Brief pause before silence
Peace shattered by bone
Old boys hide like mice
Cowards of violence
As one man makes a stand alone

Crash of a blow
As the spears starts to glow
From a tint of red 'pon the blade
a rabid beast lurched forward
Wielding a fiery sword
from the depths of hell had been made

Sprouting horns from his head
like his teeth black as lead
beneath his claws crack the dead
Leaving stains of dark red
With a leap and a stroke
white steeds neck had been broke

On went the onslaught
As the dad stood and fought
every swing of the beast would be fatal
Yet with no fear and his spear
Unfaulted, threw into the beasts ear
and flew, nailed it's brains to the stone wall

a rumor went to each
then a terrible screech
the general had fallen
infuriated all of them
charge was thrust
all must have been lost

Yet defending his kin
Gains strength of a thousand within
All mercenaries edging closer
are one by one slain faster
till left panting in the center
no more dared to enter

Placing his young son in a manger
to hide him from all danger
he slouched down to remember that cute face

But strength was fading,
one final embrace
then from numerous wounds
He died ...its assumed

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Hi Renos: Good imagery to some haunting lines. Thanks for your verse which I enjoyed reading.