MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The Warrior

I want to be a warrior
I want to express my pain
I want your blood to spill
Like the pouring rain

I want to be a soldier
And carry a gun of steel
Though the wars we fight are fake
The battles we fight are real

I want to strangle a mighty lion
In the jungles of the Far East
Then I want to steal the lions prey
And have myself a feast

I want men to fear me
When I walk down the street
I want every woman to desire me
The moment we meet

I don't want to be Rambo
I don't want to be a fake Hollywood star
I just want the world to see who I am
So do u know who u are

I want to have a mighty, strong body
I want to have hands of steel
When I touch the skin of a lovely lady
I want her to feel

When I touch a man
I want him to feel my grip around his throat
When my mighty body drifts in the water
I want the world to see me float

I want every woman
To desire my powerful chest
And when every man challenges me
I want him to fail the test

I want to be a ruler
But I want to rule my mind and my soul
I want to live a powerful life
All I need to do is take control

I want to be a warrior
I want power becoz power is hard to resist
I want to be a mighty warrior
Becoz inside me I know he exists

I want everyman to think that I'm a crazy motherfucker
Becoz the truth is I don't care
But if every man would search their soul
Then they will find a warrior there

But most men are nothing but perverts and fools
But I don't want that to be who I am
I want to be the baddest dude in the valley
I want to be a warrior becoz I know I can

I don't want to be an addicted coward
That turns his back on his children and silently leaves
I want to be a mighty warrior in the eyes of my son
All I have to do is believe

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wow. thats a REALLY good. Its empowering yet sultry at times. well done rhyming. -violet