I sit in my room
With a pen and a pad
Trying to think
Of more reasons to add
To my list of why I love you
So far, I have none
I have been sitting up all night
Trying to think of some
But who are we,
To question love?
It is a gift, should be cherished
Given from above
I have no reason,
To love you
But, love is funny like that
And still, I do
Because love doesn't need reasons
Or questioning, or more
All it is, is wanting to spend,
Your life with the one you adore

by Lilli Singh

Comments (3)

Indicative of modern society's need to purge themselves to live true lives.
Sublime indeed! ! ! It must be added to the'one of a kind'. Undeniably hard to analyze its whole structure but what a fine piece of building that is...And I wonder: why do people seem to ignore it? (in my country as far as I'm aware)
A tour de force; truly powerful poetry.