A Possessive Man

The problem with Sid is that he is paranoid he feels men have the hots for Jane his wife
He guards her like a watchdog guards his back yard he ought be told that there is more to life
Than every day worrying about your woman he could ruin his relationship with her due to his jealousy
He is not mature for one in his mid twenties, his foes his ego and insecurity.

Sid and Jane have one child their little daughter Mandy she will be six at end of February
And every warm weekend in the Summer they pitch their tent in camping ground by the sea
And Jane she always swims in her bikini and in the afternoon on the beach sunbake for an hour between two and three
And though she is tall and fairly attractive there are better looking women than she.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in Sid's eyes Jane is World beauty queen
And she is his treasured possession and by his treasured possession I mean
That he think that he is her rightful owner and that to him alone she belong
But one cannot own another person and silly big Sid he has got it all wrong.

Sid's problem is that he is lacking in humour and he takes life far too seriously
And about his wife Jane he is too possessive and he treats her as his property
But secretly Jane she finds him overbearing and she has told her mates Hilda and Don
That he will arrive home from work one evening for to find
she has taken Mandy and gone.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (3)

Indicative of modern society's need to purge themselves to live true lives.
Sublime indeed! ! ! It must be added to the'one of a kind'. Undeniably hard to analyze its whole structure but what a fine piece of building that is...And I wonder: why do people seem to ignore it? (in my country as far as I'm aware)
A tour de force; truly powerful poetry.