(1950 / )

The Watchful Bow

Peeping through, between puffs of cloud
A rainbow on a Sunday evening.
Its banded beauty speaks aloud
Red orange blue violet - queuing
Such a splendid arc of perfection
In the clear early evening sky.
I gaze upon it in admiration
Cropped in a picture of cumulus high.
Flamboyant blossoms synchronise
The warmth of its radiant hues.
Kiskadee, kiskadee; hear the cries
From a distant approaching muse
A flash of yellow from her underbelly
Adds a welcome duplicity of colour
To the palette of an artist who really
Is par excellent co-ordinator
Stylish frock of girls and women
Befitting a church going flock
And savoir faire of boys and men
Integrate the scene around five o’clock
When the sun begins to journey low
Awhile hosting the watchful bow

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The Watchful Bow is such a charming name, and also the images in this enjoyable poem. I loved the frocks of the church going flock! Thanks dear Gillena. You have a never ending creative streak when writing..(smile)