BU ( / Kerala, India)

The Watchman

Eternity, the hovering Condor of the space,
Why did you appoint a watchman
While we all are in a game
In between birth and death?

Yes, we know him; he is very faithful
With 'tick'the watchword on his lips
Pick-drop, pick-drop, picking and dropping
From future to past, tireless,
Standing on the nail, 'Now '.
wonderful is his duty! ! !

But we're dreaming in the siesta,
About a hilarious and magnificent game
Under the blanket of cozy winter.
Then why did you ask him
To call us
Without fulfilling our game in the spring?
Really you are a bit cruel! ! !

Condor-the largest flying bird

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Eternity is hovering candor of the space and this is definitely interesting. His duty is wonderful and standing on nail is interesting and amazing...10