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The Water
LS (Agust 1 1994 / London)

The Water

Poem By lizzy Sydney

As I saunter
down on the rough, wet pebbles
and immerse my foot
in the soft blanketing water.

I decree that the water is warm
and so I plunge
completely immersed
under the stretch of blue

It is so peaceable
so, undisturbed
I wish that I could inhabit this place
so blue, so calm

But I feel my lungs grow tighter
they are demanding for on breath
one heavenly breath
I cannot hold back

So my face penetrates
it penetrates the smooth blue surface
making a slight ripple
then once again calm.

As I draw my breath
My lungs gratefully rejoice
And as the cool salty air I draw enters my body,
All the tension dissolves.

Then once again
I plunge into that heavenly blue
were there is peace
and no war.

And oh how I wish I could remain
Remain be hind forever
So as to live in peace
But once again my lungs are lacking the air I need.

please tell me how i did I greatly appretiat comments

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Amazing poem Lizzy I love it this poem it's wonderful