A Birthday Greeting

Dearest Sister!
I send you greetings on your birthday,
As another year has gone by its merry way.
You can now add another chapter to your past,
And I pray that you may add more to the cast.

When I was a lad, you guided me in many ways
And had patience through many trying days.
You had a loving heart full of exciting dreams,
A pleasant disposition bursting at the seams,
An untiring force that drove you on and on,
And a crown of sisterhood you always donned.
You are a remarkable sister in many ways
That eased my problems and brightened my days.
You were a ray of sunshine from Heaven above
And a dear sister to have and always love.

You see, a sister isn't always fussy and stern,
But it was one of those things I had to learn.
You always listened and were understanding
And had ideas and advice that were outstanding.
Still, I hold fond memories of you in my heart
That no one on earth can force me to part.
I wish you happiness on this day, and every year
To add to your Life Memoirs that were always near.
I thank the Lord for having a sister so dear,
And announce it on your Birthday for the world to hear.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

Comments (3)

A remarkable poem about rebirth. The waterfall is a metaphor for a cleanse of mind, body, and spirit as well as a source of wisdom. This brings to life the bounteousness of water and illustrates well how powerful it can be.
In that religious fandamentalist era You said what you wanted to say, 'Why should frail flesh doubt any more That what God takes, he’ll not restore? '- I continue to praise your advanced gaze and say, 'A Philosophical Poetic Stanza eternally rings its soulful bell.'
it's clear enough.............