The Waterfall

Poem By Chinonso Igwe

Slowly like a defeated foe do
you oh water walk majestically
over the bedrock from a source
upstate emitting shrilling sounds
like the cry of a punished maid

Here are the tourists with mouth wide open in an absorbing and fascinating manner, we, trying to obtain a souvenir from you oh dearer waterfall who flux
in from an awe do we all look
in your nonstop splashing flow, what a sight to see.

we all keep wondering where you came
from; the learnered specialised ones all
give differents findings and report of you
but what really matters tous is your shimmering beauty, your gaiting walk
from a location to a destination
who- is the artistry work of the creator made alive in you.

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a bit harsh on the maid aren't you Chinonso?
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