Our Indian Police

Poem By Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Dear Mom,
Thank you for keeping me in your womb for 9 months,
I knew I gave you so much of pain,
And you accepted it with your smile,
Thank you for letting me watch the world,
Thank you for guiding me to speak my first word,
You are my role model,
I always wanted to fit my feet into your high heels,
I always wanted to be beautiful and strong like you,
You are my first best friend and my first love,
Sometimes I may not like you
Still you will be there for me always,
I know I am not a good daughter for you
You are always the best mother ever in this world,
You always pull me when I take a wrong path,
You won’t wipe my tears
You are the only person who will cry with me and for me
Every day I become a little bit more like you
I am proud to be like you mom
It is not easy to be you! ! ! !

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