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The Way

I don’t know if I can explain it,
The way that everything about you,
Is magnified a hundredfold,
The way I can’t forget one single detail…

The smoothness of your gorgeous skin,
Carefully hiding raw emotions within.
The way, your voice, it heals…
The way those three words make me feel.

The way your smile is slow to form,
The way your hand is so damn warm,
The way, your skin, it smells so sweet,
The way our soft lips used to meet.

The way your warm breath brushed across my lips,
Right before we kissed.
The way that when you were away from me,
It was everything about you I missed (still is…)

The way that your voice would drop,
When you told me that you love me too.
The way I could hear your heartbeat non-stop,
When you held me so close to you.

The warmth of your gentle hug,
The tenderness of your caring touch,
When you held me in your arms,
I felt treasured, so much…

The way your eyes held a touch more hope,
When their intensity met mine.
The way you’d protect me from harm and joke,
Even if I said it was fine.

The way that when you laugh…it warms me so.
I bring your picture everywhere I go.
I cherish my memories of you so close,
Though they [bear/image? ] the thorns of a gothic rose.

The way your love notes struck my heart,
The way your writing is such beautiful art.
The way that, even when I’ve run out of things to say,
I still can’t stop thinking of another way…

To tell you...
The way you make me crazy.
To show you...
The way I love everything that is you.
To make you believe...
The way that you’re so much more
Than everything that I adore you for.

...I love you.

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You know you are a hopless romantic and one day I fear it willbe the end of you