The Way

Let me go quietly
Not forced to see life through to the last painful gasp
No long and protracted parting
For there is no virtue in pain
And I have seen before the unpleasant lingering
Let go the hold you have on my hand
and dream I'll race, young again, across the sand.
Hand Gliding - No! The day I visited Baslow
A famous Derbyshire place
I heard a passing swallow say
"Hello-Hello What's this then?" "Is it a feathered migrant bird"
"A flying dart" - "a bald eagle hen"
"Or a Russian sputnik that I've heard??" Their is a need in modern man
To reach towards creation
So I watch a brave young lad
Take a fool hardy jump into obliteration The laugh he gave at my concern
Told me I had alot to learn
About jumping out into space
From the ledge of a cliff top face He winked his eye as he flew bye
Soaring high into clouded sky
The first unpowered flight
I ever saw ("Oh My")

by Tom W. Timms

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