Are You Ashamed Of Me

One night not too long ago when I was fast asleep
I had a dream so vivid it touched my spirit deep
I dreamed the Lord came to my house as any friend would do
I saw he was troubled and needed someone to talk to
I said come in Lord please sit down what brings you out this way
He looked at me through tear stained eyes I then I heard him say
My spirit is so heavy I'm burdened deep within
Since the fall of man took place the world's been lost in sin
I knew I would come to earth to give each soul a choice
To live with me forever or to turn away my voice
For quite some time now it's been hard to sit upon my throne
Look down on my churches and see what's going on
Of course I did give man free will to choose which way he'll go
But how will he decide if no one will let him know
Eternal life is a gift it' up to everyone
To choose my everlasting love or reject my Father's son
The problem is not many know I will forgive their sins
All they have to do is ask and I'll gladly come right in
It really breaks my heart to see my children I have called
Hope someone else will help the one who's back's against the wall
What has happened to my church they used to share my love
My Father and the angels were rejoicing from above
Now the end is nearer than it's ever been
It's time my children tell the world I will forgive their sins
But if they only tell them one time a month or so
For many it will be too late to choose which way to go
Children I emplore you to share me with the lost
Show them just how much I care and how my life it costs
I am the only hope they have please help them find the way
So they won't heard 'depart from me' on that judgement day

by Joye Atkinson

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