The Way Down

I didn't fall down from the cliff.
I jumped and screamed all the way down.
No, I didn't mind you staring at me.
Yes, some how through the fall I thought I would die.
That just made me laugh.
As the water hit my thighs, I felt I was flying.
My face goes down under and I come right back up.
I look up, the people look terrified.
All of them looking at me like I might be on drugs.
None of them willing to take the jump.
Most frozen in fear.
I smile, I feel like a daredevil.
They'll have to take their time.
As I float down, I yell, see you at the bottom.
But, truly I don't want to see you at the bottom.

by Rebecca Springsteen

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We have a cliff at a nearby park which below it holds a sizable pond. Great spot for this dare devilish sort of thing. I do it at least once a year as a ritual. Something tells me your poem is about something a little deeper than a simple adrenaline rush, but it reminded me of my annual plunge. Thanks for sharing
I love the originality and the individuality in your poetry.