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The Way He Makes Me Feel
MT Morgan Tayce (July / Kentucky)

The Way He Makes Me Feel

so i lay here and look at the ceiling because i cant sleep, and the only thing that begins to put my mind at ease is you. your the reason that i don't take the wrong turn anymore. your the reason i lay awake for hours when im terribly sleepy just so i can hear your voice before i lay my head down to sleep. your smile, your laugh, your touch, your kiss, everything about u makes my knees want to buckle underneath me every time im with you. and when you hold me, each time without fail, i wish to myself that you never had to let go. walking away trying to hold back tears till im out of your sight, that is what rips my heart into shreds. i remember the first time we kissed... my front yard under the moonlight. after walking inside i got to the hallway and i was so ecstatic, i dropped to the floor and smiled. I've never remembered a first kiss with any other guy...but i remember ours.i tell you my every thought, my every wish, my every painful moment because, well your my 'person'. the one i love, cherish and most of all trust with more than my heart. the point is baby, no matter how far apart we are, or how little we see each other, my love for you will not change a bit, but only get stronger. Jesus Parra, i love you, every bit of you, every joke, every laugh, every smile. i cant get enough of you. its been years since we met, and i haven't grown a bit tired of you. Only fell deeper in love. dont hurt me, dont give me a reason to cry, or a reason to give up on you. you have my trust, my heart, and most of all my love. Baby, i love you more than imaginable. i wish i cld show you but it would take centuries.

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Pablo Neruda

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This Is So Cute! . I Love How You Just Let Everything You Love About Him Come Out. Its Adorable. <3