The Way I Am

Poem By jennifer gonzalez

Days are cruel

Moments are pained

Hard cries from hurt

Pain from hearing

Shouts are heard

And truths are spoken

None know

The pain that

I hide

I hold strong.

Yet weakened to this moment

Yielding inside

World is fallen

A pun me

I am hurt

Tormented by two

The ones said to protect me.

Are the reason

Of my pain

I cannot hold.

Back the tears

As they each fall

I see

What I hold



I love

Them both

And tormented

By the hard fact


My family is torn

I need someone

Cannot find

Need to run

Need to scream out loud

The pain

Set it free.

But held back

By my prisoner...


Held back

To protect the ones

Who should be.

Protecting me

I need my savior

My freedom to express

Who I am

And how

I feel

Find the person

Willing to open there arms

And take me in

Tell me I'm fine

And make my pain go away

I need to let myself


But deny myself

Afraid to increase the pain

Cry to

Myself behind doors

And walls

Shut myself from others



Behind them

While they shout and scream

I hear

And am hurt

Need to be calmed

Need peace.

Write to hide

How I feel

The only

Exit I find

is through


my emotions

are hardly felt

seeing what I've become

over the years of hiding


is what I



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