DC (febuary 25,1991 / Bartow florida)

The Way I Feel

I tried 2 give u my heart.
u jus tore it apart.
I act like evrything was alrite
but i was torn up inside.
It seemed like i didnt care but i did.
the way you hurt me I always hid.
Cuz deep down I was really hurt.
when I was around you I felt lower than dirt.
Im more than dirt at least dats wat I thought.
u ever feeling the same way i guess not.
I wish i could move on and say everything was o.k.
but i cant cuz you cant even call once jus 2 say hey.
sittin by the phone wishing u would call dat day.
I guess wit you I lost my chance.
but remember Dat im dat 1 guy dat will always luv you wit out geting in ya pants.

by Dwyane Clark

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