The Way I Really Feel

i got you on my mind and i'm trynna get you out
it seems like i am thinking about you everytime i turn around
and everytime he and i are bringing you up
i think of you more and my feelings i can't trust
because i don't know what's going to happen next
and my emotions never rest
they just keep goin like the energizer bunny
and the jokes you tell me are so damn funny
and the things you say to me are sweet like honey
and when you tell me things like i'm worth more than your money
you just make me... i don't know makes me think you really do love me
and even though he tells me that you don't
i'd rather find out on my own
and yea you did me wrong
but to be honest these feelings are so strong
and if anything
i need to AT LEAST have you as a friend
if some things have to, i dont want EVERYTHING to end

by Shilesha Johnson

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