The Way I See It

Poem By Hannah Miller

This is no poem.
This is no story.
This is ME talking.
This is MY opinion on things.

The way I see it...
Most of what/ who we are
Is from the mistakes we have made.
Each mistake effects our lives in ways
And ANY mistake you make can
Stab you in the heart.
And kill you.
We cry to let our emotions out.
We cut to let our emotions out.
We hurt others to let our emotions out.
We threat to let our emotions out.
We laugh to let our emotions out.
We do all these things.
But then when were finished..
We realize how REAL life is.

You know why we are shy? ? ?
Or its hard making new people? ?
Because we are scared what others will think about us!
We afraid to find out the horrible truth, that everyone has!
EVERYONE has something bad about them!
And when you meet a new person...
That one bad thing could be the thing they hate the most.
Thats one less person in your life..
That could of inspired you and made this differance!

So look through my eyes sometimee.
And really see.
Thank you.

Comments about The Way I See It

yes! i hope no one ever trys to tell you to stop talking! if they do hit me up and i will make sure that you get your chance cuz that is exactly right! !
wowie! this is amaaaaaazing. no joke. i could not put it in better words :) i love all the deatil. it really gets the point across. mind looking at mine?

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