The Way It Is

It's just the way it is,
With every word that he says
He catches me and somehow I become everything that he needs me to be,
Leaving everything that ever worried me

I'm safer when he holds me close to him,
Despite the fact that everytime I love him my heart is wrapped in a noose hanging on a limb
He's what I need and I'm what he needs,
Even though the lesser of our memories could sit perfectly on a string of beads

Call me a hypocrite and force me to swallow my speech,
And to remind me not to stand on my soapbox and preach
It does nothing for the kindness of mankind,
But turn their ear and watch me slip out of my right frame of mind

Could things have changed in such a short time?
Am I at the point that I believe every line?
Now I'm a faithfully follower of Ms. Holiday's,
Where every word and every phrase
Is another page in my good book.

I'll always love you, it's one thing that I can not deny,
And everytime that I try it's just another tear that I cry
You were placed in my life for a reason,
And avoiding that fact I might as well be hung for high treason

So rescue me like you always do,
And be the person that I once knew

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