RS (06/06/1989 / Castleford, West Yorkshire)

The Way It Was

Oh the way he held me;
So safe, intimate and warm.
The way he made me laugh;
So often, so effortlessly.
The way he brighened up my day;
With a simple smile that screamed 'Come to me! '

Oh the way he holds me;
So brief, so rushed.
The way he makes me laugh;
So forced and rare.
But most of all: the way he talks to me;
The silence so loud it deafens me.

Oh how I miss the way it was!

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Comments (3)

wonderful poem, well expressed ideas...........
amazing.. memories of LOVE stay longer than LOVE itself.. your words have taken me to these wonderful moments of LOVE.. well expressive, so sweet.. thanks for sharing! !
honest peom, when what happend when the passion dissapears