FA (1988- / Mexico City)

The Way My Life Ended

The knife so cold against my wrist.
The blood so warm just like a kiss
My mother screams as if she's pissed.
The ambulance so loud so bumpy.
And people scream saying I am coming.
The sun I see for the last time.
The last time I will ever see it shine.
The doctors yell and try to save me,
But it's too late to even try.
They know for sure I'm going to die.
I see them tag my little toe.
I am pushed into a drawer.
It is time for them to go.
Now I'm dead and that's the end.
Never again will I see my friends.
I'm gone and no one cares.
My soul, my life so empty so bare.

(This is something I always wanted)

by Fernando Alvarez

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