The Way Of Fate

The soul which endures cruelty,
Shall forever stand as stone.
As the perpetrator, in the end,
Shall be put to death and die alone.

The one who giver her virtue,
Shall forever live in shame.
She who waits till love is true,
Shall do honor to her name.

I pity those, the coldhearted,
For they shall feel the pain.
Fate will finish what they've started;
Slowly driving them insane.

One day evil beings will fall.
Good shall watch them all die.
They will pay for it all;
For them, no eyes shall cry.

As they fall down,
No one will care.
No grieving hometown,
No one will be there.

Who should cure for their expired life?
Who cares what dream of a hater shatters?
They, the causes of sorrow's strife,
Shall become that of which no thing matters.

For these, good people cannot cry.
Some hearts just feel no pain.
They won't in sorrow up and die,
For good won't be drove insane.

Some envy will turn to hate.
Some eyes then, will fill with rage.
But, in glory, shall relate.
The soul who turns the other page.

by Katherine Grams

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