(1913 - 2000 / Cardiff / Wales)

Te`mini`kan,1 & Only (A Yoruba Poem)

A`w?n a`gba` a`tij?´ a´ ma´a wi´pe´
Mo r'o´hun t'o´du`n, ?ja ?sa`n
A`m?´, e`mi r'o´hun t'o´du`n j'?ja ?sa`n l? ?`
Mo r'o´lo´lu`f?´ ?` mi, t'?´ka`n mi´ ya`n

?eb'?´ki`n-i´n l'?ba ?y?
Ki`ni`u´n l'?ba ?ranko
I`ro´ko` ni baba igi
I`ji´me`re` ni baba ?`b?
?l?´m??i´ka`ta`, baba a`gba`do?

?eb'i´w? l'?ba a w?n
Gbogbo w?n to wa l'a´gbo
Gbogbo w?n pa´ta´pa´ta´
?eb'i´w? l'olori` l'a´a`fin
Olo´ri´ gbogbo obi`rin i`lu´ u´?

?l?´yinju´ ?g?´
Ab'?´j?´y? bi´ o`ru`n
Ab'a´l?´y? bi o`?u`pa´
Af'e`ji´ y?´'nusi´
Aw?´l?´wa` a te`mini`kan

?e`bi´ t'?ni n t'?ni?
T'ee`yan n t'ee`ya`n?
I`w? n t'e`mi
Te`mini`kan,1 & ONLY

by Ayokunle Adeleye

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this is stunning! beautiful dedication of love....