The Way Of Life

Isn't it strange,
How life has a way,
Of tricking you.
Issues kept from childhood,
Brushed so far away, they have seemingly been 'dealt with',
Except they haven't.
Only when re-faced with the problem do you realise it was never really solved,
That there was a grudge being kept,
A cobweb to be swept away,
A dark corner of your mind left to gather dust.

Tonight was my time to light the space i'd abandoned for so long,
To clear my mind of these memories that plagued me for an eternity,
So why did i not take my chance, grab this opportunity?
Snatch at it with both hands,
Instead of merely picking at it?

And now I countinue to go on,
Problem unsolved.
So bit by bit,
Day by day,
I am left to shoo my problem away.

by Lily Espinosa

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