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The Way People Love
VJ (7-23-80 / San Antonio, Texas)

The Way People Love

You always say
as if par for the course
that you hate leaving me.
You've only spent the night three times.

The last time you left early.

You always say you love me
a phrase we have somehow
You watch me like you're waiting for the same vase
to fall off the table
and shatter on the floor,
like always.

He probably says the same
And spends 4 hours with 6 strippers a thousand miles away.

And the things he tells her sweetly,
between ordering her to stay home,
while he is in Las Vegas doing

Relationships. 'Love.'
A monotonous play.
The first five minutes.
And hang-up.

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Comments (1)

Valerie, I'm confused by your poem. First you begin by talking to someone...using the pronoun 'you' and then you switch to the third person 'he.' It would be better to use the third person throughout...or the other way around. Poems need to be tight, packed, and when the poet flails around with random thoughts, the poem loses its punch. I don't know what to make of the last stanza, other than to say that it may be a poem all by itself. Raynette