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The Way The River Runs
TN (July 16th,1989 / Seattle, WA)

The Way The River Runs

Poem By T.C. Nyxx

You should know the way the river runs
After all that’s where your tears go
And you should realize you’re potential
‘Cause that’s how you grow

Her name was Kelsey and she was five years old
The day she learned what hurt was
It was the first time she had seen her father
But he didn’t want to give her a hug
Her mother had always had to work late
And she was often found home alone
Working late at a low wage job
Kelsey knew what to do and she got it done

She left her mom a note on her sweet sixteenth
And she took a train bound to Los Angeles
She knew she was gunna be a star
She didn’t care where her father was
She was living a dream
She was a big success
She was happy and
She was the silver screen’s best

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