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The Way They Used To Be

I remember things and the way they used to be,
How we had so many good nights, only you and me.
All the sweet times when you would play with my hair,
You made me feel like a queen, with absolutely no despair.
But now that all seems to just have drifted away,
We seem to grow farther and farther with each passing day.
I feel like I don’t know the man you’ve become,
And all I really want is to be you’re ONLY one.
I am so in love with you, all I can think about is the life we can grow,
If we put a stop to this bitterness, then maybe it will have a time to show.
I admit that I need to put some things in the past, All I ask is for a little bit of time.
I need to have the closure, that you want to be mine.
Sometimes it feels like we are just friends and it kills me in every way,
Sometimes I feel unwanted by you, by some of the hurtful things you say.
You don’t tell me how you feel about me,
Or show me that you’re proud to call me your girl.
It’s as if to only love and be with ME is asking for the whole world.
I thought when you are committed you love that ONLY person until the very end of time..
Why can’t you admit you’re in love with me,
And promise to only be MINE? ...

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