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The Way Things Are
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The Way Things Are

Laughter is heard throughout the home for the young ones
Who have not yet known the dismay of life
Are happily playing throughout the day.
While silence races through my dome

For I have never known the effect of laughter and play
For how could I
When my youth was stripped away.
All throughout the day I see them play and laugh and I say

Why me?
Why'd I have to be the one singled out and caused this dismay.
But THIS is the way things are
What can I say?

THIS is the way,
things are

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Another poem that I like. If you get a chance, read some of my poems and tell me what you think?
Well said! That is the way things are! But we have to make the best out of everything! Kindly go through, time permitting, my 'Let him sleep', 'Let her sleep' and 'let the night sleep' in the PH.