The Way This Life Is

Judgements you make and place on others,
Not living up to your expectations...
Should help you in doing some self reflection.

If you do the initiating,
That has come with others in mind to respect...
In many cases,
Your respect given will be returned.

If your practice is initiating doing what you please...
In a disregard of those needs and wishes of others,
That judgement you placed...
With an erasing done through selective memory,
Will get those similar deeds done back to you.

And that,
Is the way this life is!
You give what you eventually get.
Not what your perceive you should receive!
When a thoughtfulness shown...
Is not a custom but a rarity!

When one gets their own act together,
Pieces have a way of falling into place.
And that...
Is the way,
This life is.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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