The Way To A Woman's Heart

The way to a woman's heart is not an easy task, it usually involves the
strategy of a "connoisseur," the master of the game, because the art of
knowing women is to know their soul. First, you have to approach by
browsing with her, with the mission to find out what she has her heart set
on, watch her reactions, learn her body language, concentrate on what
she says. You should reveal to her that you would go to the most remote
corners of the world just to please her. You must make clear to her that
you want to be part of her wildest dreams. Always be sincere about things
that reflect your inner values, because the more she knows you, the more
confident she becomes. You must persuade her that you are ready to
compromise, and you definitely won't settle for anything less than a pure
commitment, as unique as your love for her, and only then, that perplexing
creature will be yours forever.

by Carl Richard Nicolas

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