MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

The Way To End It

She starves and fails to understand
Why suffering is rife
Why misery afflicts her land
And plagues with constant strife

She thirsts but who can comprehend
The reason of her plight
Where men on men alone depend
Who fail to see The Light

Does no one see does no one care?
Can no one set things right?
Will no one come from anywhere?
And end this dreadful blight

Yet though the facts are crystal clear
The Truth is all too plain
Suffering; children disappear
Struggling all in vain

There is a way to end it all
Put right this world gone wrong
To see why still her children fall
Singing the same old song

A way to walk to end the grief
A way where eyes can see
To heal to save bring world relief
And set her children free

There is a way to end our wars
To bring all woes to cease
To open wide eternal doors
To everlasting peace

The only Way is Jesus Christ
Salvation’s only Seed
The Lamb The Father sacrificed
To meet our every need

by Michael P. Johnson

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