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The Way To Return
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The Way To Return

Poem By first comet

Is it yet after midnight on your time?
Should I say something? Anything?
Or should I just take them for a walk;
the transparent crystals
beneath those exaggerated lines!

When did it start, when did it end?
How did it go, what did it say?
Was it sweet, gentle, or was it …
the transparent crystals
beneath those exaggerated lines?

Was it a summer night or a fall’s eve;
when the nether moon winked at the thieves?
Oh, I do remember that I did forget ….
And now I’m left with nothing, naught!
Not a single memory or a grain of thought!

I’m too transparent to miss,
You don’t believe me? Remember the kiss?
Maybe it was too much, do you agree?
Torrid are the roots of this ash tree;
that's why, 'it's hard to tell', hard to see!

Could you show me the way to return?
Is it the Passion road where I turn?
Crossing the random alley of encounter,
to the spring or the summer before when
the transparent crystals strayed to yearn!

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