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The Way We Were ...
VGC ( / Vancouver, British Columbia)

The Way We Were ...

The way we were - it seems a thousands years ago
Yet it was only yesteryear.
Shall never evermore we share
again youth' carefreeness and glow?

Where have they gone - the happy youthful love,
the days of laughter and of song
when we were vibrant and so strong
blown with wild winds to realms above?

Will ever in the Great Beyond
old friendships bloom again,
renewed young lover's tender bond?
Or suffered we in vain?

Death in the wings? We did not know.
The future's promise made us proud.
No threats of war and waiting woe
could our hopes and dreams becloud.

But death was waiting in the wings,
and many brave young men met harm.
Grim grief and sorrow wartime brings
to those surviving call to arm.

We who survived the bloody fray
feel grief and sorrow to this day.
Once we were young, now old and gray
we crave release from earthly clay,
and our gaze turns heavenward
in hopes to find the friends of yore.
At last there snaps the silver cord
they're waiting on that other shore.

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