The Ways Of The World

Me, myself, mine.
Do these words even matter?
Me, my life, my ambitions,
To others is a jest.
And how they step on my dreams!
Trample the fabric of love,
Selfish they leave it in tatters.
No matter what I do, would I ever please them enough? !
No more do I want to try,
To make them see the sun rise from my side.
I give up, now I’ll become one with them.
Just as they expect me to exist.
In that, maybe one day,
I would find the lost happiness…

by aditi jain

Comments (3)

And i could'nt agree more..This poem was written by me when i was stuck in one of those phases. I would like to share another poem with you 'of beginnings and endings', a recent work which reflect my re-instated beliefs.
Bitterness of the poet is quite evident in this poem. But, you are wrong, aditi; why should you follow the mob around you to simply exist? ? ? Not understandable, dear; life is to live to the fullest possible and NOT TO exist.
Very good write! Its the questions that are important, not the answers..