EGA (3231965 / Port of Spain Trinidad)

The Ways To The Heart

I cannot tell you of the hours and the days
When I see you there is a bell a chance for peace
Gather I the roses strewn on the lawn with care awaiting you arrival
You are the essence of togetherness
When the strands of time caress you visage it is matchless and eternal
For you I return to the opal shades of your voices lie a wind chime that shatters the wind with resonance and clarity
You are the force from which when my enemies assail the walls of our home
I would defend until all my essence has ebbed
Layers of the morning dew has anointed my face and all I see is you in this mind's eye
There are no words that can describe how I feel when you are near
All things are but a reflection when your presence is ushered into the room
I feel your beating, your breathing
Your eyes are a fire that cannot be matched in this universe
The cosmos fails in comparison to you
What I wish most is the quiet times with you away from the crowds and the so called paparazzi
You are the inner source to the well of my soul
One day we will unite and be as one
And until then I caress the rose and think of you
I stroke the rain and I think of you
May he always protect you, the higher power until I can stand guard of you
At all times I am your Yojimbo, your soldier in this life and hopefully in the next
You ensnared the ways to the Heart

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